The Football Development Journal

“Adopt a positive mindset and deepen their experience of the game.”

“The journal has not only helped to take his soccer to the next level but also his personal development at school, his handwriting, concentration, reading, spelling and retelling of events.”

The Football Development Journal was carefully created by qualified youth coaches and educators so young footballers can utilise the power of regular reflection.  The value of regular reflection cannot be underestimated in development environments.  We hope that keeping a consistent reflection through this journal will help young footballers adopt a positive mindset and deepen their experience of the game.  Young footballers should always be seeking to improve and produce their best work.

This journal is created according to DM Football Academy (DMFA) youth development philosophies and structured around DMFA’s four core development areas.  DMFA uses the acronym TTPP to distinguish their four core development areas.  The T’s and P’s stand for Technical, Tactical, Physical and Personality.  This journal serves as an important part of our youth player development programs created by professional educators and experienced Australian international footballers.

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