Dianella 4v4 Cup



  1. Select a group of 4-5 suitable players for your team
  2. Select a team name (e.g. Matilda’s/Socceroos)
  3. Select a team manager
  4. Enter your team details and register with the form below
  5. Team attire is required

*Places are limited 

The Dianella 4v4 Cup will run Sunday the 17th of December at St Andrew’s Grammar gymnasium.  Teams will be allocated fixtures and times on Sunday the 10th.  There will be multiple matches per day awards on the day.  Please note: all players will require suitable futsal shoes and shin guards.

The key to everything we know about the benefits of playing 4v4 football is that it is unstructured.  It provides an organic and natural way to learn the game.  It is a fast-paced game where there is constant ball contact.  It requires a high degree of skill, quick decision-making and improvisation.  For young footballers to develop they need to play and be truly confident with the ball and the best way to develop this is by maximising their touches on the ball.  This is why we believe in 4v4 football for development.  Small-sided football has been the training ground for some of the world’s greatest footballers.

To enter the tournament get in contact with your team of 4 to 5 players, decide on a team name and fill out the form below.

*DSFC have created a version of 4v4 football with its own specific rules.  Rules will be sent out to team managers prior to tournament commencement.

Please email team.spartans@sag.wa.edu.au for more information.

Date of Birth of Player One
Date of Birth of Player Two
Date of Birth of Player Three
Date of Birth of Player Four
Date of Birth of Player Five
*Please note the Under 12s competition will be 3v3
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