About Us

Tell us about DMFA?
DMFA is dedicated to increasing the standards of grassroots football and committed to delivering the best quality training and education for young football players.  The programs are created by professional educators and experienced Australian international footballers.  Dianella Spartans FC and DM Football Academy have amalgamated for 2024 to increase development opportunities for their youth footballers.  

What is the DMFA coaching philosophy?
DMFA strives to keep the way of playing football to be attractive, offensive-minded, fast, creative, and fair.  Our player development plan has an individual player focus on four pillars of player development.  DMFA uses the acronym TTPP to distinguish our four core development areas.  The T’s and P’s stand for Technical, Tactical, Physical and Personality.  We aim to create confident and technically sound players with a growth mindset prepared for the next stage of their football careers.

Why do you use Small-Sided Football?
It is fast-paced, there is constant ball contact and it requires a high degree of skill, quick decision-making and improvisation.  For children to develop they need to play and be truly confident with the ball and the best way to develop this is by maximising their touches on the ball.  Small-sided football has been the training ground for some of the world’s greatest ballers.  For more information about our version of small-sided football click here.

Tell us about your international experiences?
Organised international experiences are an important way of challenging the players within our programs and provide us with further data on their capabilities beyond local football.  Scheduled for 2024 we have the Sydney International Cup and a trip to Japan with Iniesta Academy.